Gapminder Tools Offline

With Gapminder Tools Offline you can show animated statistics from your own laptop!

• You can use it without internet access
• You can visualise your own data with it or even combine it with the datasets provided (examples & instructions)
• The software and the datasets will update automatically when connection is available
• It’s free

Download (scroll down for instructions)

…for the old Windows (32-bit)
We are continuously improving this app. If you found a problem, report it here.

Gapminder Offline Tools

Installation instructions


Start the DMG you’ve just downloaded and follow instructions that will show up. It’s like normal Mac app install.


1. Extract the zip file and open the folder Gapminder Offline-linux
2. Double click on the file Gapminder Offline to Run.
3. Or if you’re using the terminal, type ./Gapminder \Offline


This is a portable Windows app that does not require installation, only unpacking. Portable means that, once unpacked, you can move the app between computers on a USB stick and it will still work.

1. Download the zip file for Windows. When download is complete, go to your Download folder (or the folder you chose to download the zip file). Select the zip file and click on Compressed Folder Tools in the top title bar.

2. Select the Extract all option.

3. Select the destination for the extracted folder, and click Extract.

4. Once the extraction is complete, double click on the file Gapminder Offline.exe to run the tool.

Date Posted: 2017-01-13